New Zealand Trout Flies

Flies for New Zealand fly fishing

I have gathered together a large range of top quality fly patterns widely used and suited to NZ fly fishing conditions. There's a mix of Quality Umpqua flies, New Zealand fly patterns tied by top overseas tiers and some tied here in NZ. Umpqua flies are absolutely top quality in all aspects, top materials, top tying, top patterns and tops in catching fish. If you want absolutely the best, buy Umpqua flies

All fly patterns are tried and proven flies that have been used over many decades of fly fishing in NZ and off course they've evolved within that time, continually being refined and improved to produce today's excellent fish catches. I have use many of these fly patterns myself, but the fact that they are the favourite flies and used so widely by so many NZ fishermen lets you buy with assurance, knowing they will perform for you.

The pictures of the flies are as up to date as possible and give a good visual reference when purchasing. The colours are also quite accurate. I'll change the pictures if there's a significant change in any pattern

The most important part of any fly is the hook!! Hence all our flies are tied using premium quality hooks made from high carbon steel. The high-carbon steel is hardened and tempered for extreme strength and the needle points are chemically deburred for superior sharpness and flawless shape. The low-profile barbs penetrate and hold fish with ease. The hooks used are top brands; Tiemco, Mustard, Kamasan, Daiichi

New Zealand's big fish need Strong Hooks! Working as a guide I've seen the results of poor quality hooks. I remember on several occasions when clients, using there own fly patterns have lost good fish. Then upon inspecting the hooks have found they have snapped off cleanly at the bend!! That wont happen with these hooks!!

I aim to continue to build and refine the selection adding new and innovative patterns as they evolve. I welcome suggestions of patterns you'd like as to stock, or if you have a special patterns you'd like to share with us please do so.

Below is an alphabetical listing of the New Zealand trout fly patterns we stock  (Not all of these flies are always available in the shop though we hope to increase our range and welcome any suggestions of flies to stock)

New Zealand Dry Fly patterns with tying instructions (a work in progress)

Adams Irresistible
Adams Parachute
Black Gnat ( New Zealand) Step by Step Tying guide)
Blue Dun

Caddis Emerger (Olive)

Caddis Emerger (Brown)
Dads Favourite Step by Step Tying guide
Dads Favourite - Parachute
Elk Hair Caddis
Goddard caddis
Greenwell's Glory - Green
Greenwell's Glory - Yellow
Kakahi Queen
Loves Lure
March Brown
Midge CDC Adult
Red Spinner
Red Tipped Governor
Twilight Beauty


New Zealand terrestrial dry fly patterns


Blow Fly (Blue Humpy)

Beetle Brown

Beetle Green
Cicada - Canterbury fawn/tussock
Cicada - Olive

Damsel Fly (Blue)

Damsel Fly (Tan)

Dave's Hopper

Humpy Green
Humpy Red
Humpy Peacock
Humpy Yellow

Madame X

Royal Wolf
Stimulator (Olive Green Body)



New Zealand Nymph patterns

Black and Peacock

Buller Caddis
Caddis - Green (free swimming)
Caddis - Horn
Caddis - Latex

Caddis - Net Building
Caddis - Yellow
Carty's Colobriscus

Carty's Oniscigaster
Damselfly nymph (olive)
Dragon Fly nymph (olive)

Glo Bugs with Step by Step tying guide

Hares Ear with Step by Step tying guide
Half Back (standard)
Half Back Flashback
Hare and Copper (standard)
Hare and Pheasant
Hare Ear Gold Ribbed (Natural)
Midge Pupa Black
Midge Pupa Red
Midge Pupa Green

Nelson Brown - Entwistle's
Pheasant Tail (Copper)
Pheasant Tail (standard) Step by Step guide

Pheasant Tail (Copper)
Pheasant Tail Flashback

Pheasant Tail (Peacock Herl)

San Juan Worm
Stone Fly (Black)
Stone Fly (Brown)
Stone Fly (Green)

Stone Fly Nymphs Carty's
Water Boatman
Willow Grub with Step by Step tying Guide


New Zealand Bead Head Nymphs

Cadillac Pheasant Tail

Caddis (Flash back)

Epoxy Bomb

Half Back Lead Eye

Hare and Copper BH Copper,
Hare and Copper BH Gold,
Hare and Copper BH Gold Tungsten

Hare and Copper Lead Eye
Hare and Pheasant Tail Tungsten with Step by Step tying guide
Hares Ear Black Tungsten BH
Hares Ear BH Black Tungsten
Hares Ear Gold BH

Pheasant Tail Black Tungsten BH
Pheasant Tail Flashback Gold BH
Pheasant Tail Gold BH

Pheasant Tail Gold Tungsten BH

Prince Nymph Gold BH

Zug Bug Gold BH



New Zealand Lure / Streamer patterns

Black Marabou lumo
Boobie Black
Boobie Olive
Craig�s Night Time
Doll fly (Black lumo)

Dorothy (Silver)

Dorothy (Yellow)
Fuzzy Wuzzy (Black)
Fuzzy Wuzzy (Red)

Fruit Salad
Ginger Mick (gold)
Gray Ghost
Green Orbit (Green)
Green Orbit (Lime)

Hairy Dog (Black)

Hairy Dog (Red)
Hamils Killer (yellow body)
Hamils Killer (red body)
Jack Sprat
Mrs Simpson (red body)
Mrs Simpson (yellow body)

Muddler Minnow
Parsons Glory (red body)
Parsons Glory (yellow body)

Rabbit Fly (Green)

Rabbit Fly (Black)

Rabbit Fly (Yellow)

Rabbit Fly (Orange)

Rabbit Fly (Red)
Red Setter
Silicon Smelt (pearl)
Silicon Smelt (red)
Silicon Smelt (lumo)

Taupo Tiger
Woolly Bugger Black
Woolly Bugger Olive

Woolly Bugger Brown