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Step by Step tying tutorial

New Zealand Trout Flies

Dads Favourite

Dads Favourite

  Fly Tying Details;

Dads Favourite


12 - 18


Kamasan B170 or Tiemco 9300, both strong Dry Fly Hooks


Danville Pre Waxed Thread 6/0 Brown


Ginger Brown Hackle fibers

Body: Stripped Peacock Herl
Wings: Mallard or Starling primary wing feather slips
Hackle Ginger brown, Neck or Saddle Hackle

A great Dry Fly, the Dad's Favourite imitates the common Deleatidium Mayfly that very common through out NZ, but is also take as other species. It's one of my favourites too, I often tie it without the wings, fish don't mind, and it's quicker to tie that way.

Step by Step Tying Instructions: Dads Favourite

Stripped herl ready to be tied in

Bind hook shank with thread, tie in the tail and striped peacock herl (strip it by pulling the herl gently between thumb nail and fore finger). I then continue building up the underbody to create the tapered body shape. Apply a little glue to the body then wind the striped herl up the body and tie in.

Herl in place, ready for the wings





Tie off then added the wings, the wings in the picture are too light in colour, they should be more dun coloured

Wind the Hackle in next





Tie in hackle and wind on and whip finish or half hitch to finish, glue head.


Dads Favourite ready to take fishing



And there you have a Dads Favourite - one of the 'killer trout flies' you wouldn't want to be without!


Also I find a #16 tied on a long shank Kamasan B401 or short  B400 hook are the best sizes, I tie it on the short shank hook as it gives more hooking power than going down to a #18. 



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