Help Planning your
New Zealand Fly Fishing Trip

Useful info about Fly Fishing in New Zealand

Weather Info New Zealand wide - 3 day forecast

This is a link to the NZ Met service, very useful with lots of info to help plan you fishing on a day to day basis, I'd be lost without it.... There's a Rain Radar for current conditions, plus a 5 day forecast

River Flows NZ wide

A map of NZ with river flow info for many of the countries rivers only a few clicks away

Equipment for NZ

A check list of equipment, must haves for New Zealand Fly Fishing

NZ Regional Fly Selections

General guide to fly selections for different regions to get your started

Flies of the Month

My pick for useful flies for the month ahead

Fly Fishing From Methven

Info on our local area

New Zealand Fly Fishing Guides

Guides from around NZ

Catch & Release
Fishing Etiquette
Fly Casting

My experience as a fishing guide, watching many visiting anglers struggle with their casting in our conditions has prompted this. Learn to cast a long leader accurately and catch fish more fish......

Fly Lines Explained

A beginners guide to fly lines and what they are used for

Fly Fishing Knots

Useful fly fishing knots for all your fly fishing needs

Fly Rods

Buy a Fly Rod Online, what you need to know

How to setup your Fly Rod

Beginners Guide to setting up your fly rod, how things fit together, what they are for etc

Fishing Accommodation

Fishing Lodge at Lake Heron

Newsletter Archive

Past newsletters with fly fishing tips

Taupo Fishery

World renown, it's the area that first put New Zealand on the map as a fly fishing destination, and the fishing there is still very good!

Tongariro River Guide

A fantastic fishery, especially during winter for the winter run fish

Tiemco Kamasan Fly Hook Comparison Chart

A quick reference to match fly hook equivalents