Fly Tying Step by Step Guide
to common New Zealand Fly Patterns


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(I'll add more as time goes by)


Tying Wing Slips


Black Gnat

Gray Ghost

Green Beetle

Glo Bugs

Hare & Copper Nymph

Hares Ear Nymph NZ

Pheasant Tail

Pheasant Tail (Hare & Pheasant)

Royal Wulff

Willow Grub

Floating Willow Grub



Dads Favourite


Tools and the uses;

Hair Stacker
Whip Finishing

Tips and bits and pieces


Have plenty of bobbins; a couple for thread, one for copper wire, one for lead wire, one for everything that you use regularly.....


Use the best quality products you can afford;

I struggled for years using low quality products, cheap lead wire that always broke, a cheap vise that didn't hold the flies securely enough, low quality hackles, often tying was a chore. Experience is a great teacher, I found that fly tying is so much more enjoyable if you use good quality products, and the results much better.


Skimping on materials;

If you want good results use the right product for the fly