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Step by Step tying tutorial

New Zealand Trout Flies

Hares Ear Nymph

  Fly Tying Details;

Hares Ear (Traditional NZ Pattern)


10 - 16


Kamasan B175 or Tiemco 3769 (these are both short, strong Nymph hooks


Danville Pre Waxed Thread 6/0 Olive/Brown


Pheasant tail fibers

  Body: Hares Fur

Gold wire - Fine

Thorax Hares Fur
  Wingcase: Partridge Feather

Lead wire underbody


Another very popular nymph. The Hares Ear does catch a lot of fish, and has a lot of variations in it's tying.

Step by Step Tying Instructions: Pheasant Tail

Firstly apply glue to the hook shank then wrap the hook shank with lead wire for additional weight. I've used .025 lead wire here.


Bind the lead with a layer of thread and apply more glue to hold all firmly in place.


Add the tail and the Gold wire


Next we add dubbing to mid way a long the body. Wind wire forward and tie in.

Select some speckled Partridge feathers, these are the smaller neck feathers. I've use brown as that's what I have, natural are fine also

Tie in the Partridge, you need to estimate the length for the length of whisks you want. I made these a little long so adjusted them before continuing.

Dub in the thorax.

Bring the wing case forward and secure with a couple of wraps of thread.
The next bit's a bit fiddly, using your fingers brush the Partridge fibers back and down to create the whisk, tie off with a whip finish, glue head and you are done almost.

Use the point of you bodkin to rough up the under side of the thorax to create the impression of legs



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