New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool and Yarn

New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool and Yarn

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Product Description

'It's the perfect solution' 'What a great little product!'

The Strike Indicator Tool allows you to attach your indicator yarn to your leader in a way that allows it to be moved up and down the leader  and which won't damage or weaken your leader. Prefect!!

Allows you to;

  • Quickly move your indicator/adjust to different depths, have your nymph in the strike zone
  • Won't damage your leader - no knots!
  • Quick and easy to remove
  • Easy to attach & reusable
  • Attach the tool to a zinger on your vest


    The Strike Indicator Tool comes with instructions, the tool is loaded with some tubing, plus comes with spare tubing and some indicator yarn - you'll probably want to get extra indicator yarn too

    - spare tubing is also available, in approximately 1 meter lengths

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    Not really for European rivers
    3 out of 5 Stars
    Location: France
    March 14th, 2018
    Not really for European rivers - The product is good, excellent for New Zealand, but in France as soon you use leader or tippet like 4X or smaller, the plastic tube is too large. Smaller needle with small tubes are quiet compulsory for the overfished trout living in Europe.
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