Waimakariri River

The Waimakariri River is a larger snow feed river originating in the Mountains near Arthur's Pass in the Southern Alps and flows out of the hills across the plains into the sea just north of Christchurch. It along with it's tributaries it provides good fishing for Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and Salmon. And sea runners will be found in the mouth area. Like the Rakaia it's the upper river and tributaries that are of most interest to the fly fisher, beware of the Nor-Wester, when conditions are right the river can turn things on.


Fish and Game Access Pamphlet

Tributaries from the top down;

  1. Main stem above the Gorge, Browns and Rainbows
  2. Poulter River: Braided Backcountry river with Brown and Rainbows.
  3. Esk River: Remote Gorgy River, with Brown and Rainbows
  4. Broken River: Gorgy River Rainbow fishery
  5. Porters River: Small Braided Rainbow fishery
  6. Winding Creek: Spring Creek with Browns and Rainbows
  7. Main stem across the plains: Rainbow and Browns can be found in the stable areas



My good friend Les Stretton showing off a couple of good fish from an excellent day on the WaimakWaimakariri River