Veltic Spinners Trout

Veltic Spinners Trout

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The ever productive, ever popular Veltic spinner

4 Sizes
4 Colours

Size 1 = 2.0 grams
Size 2 = 3.5 grams
Size 3 = 5.0 grams
Size 4 = 8.0 grams

The duller Green Veltic work best on the Brown while the red isattractive to Rainbows. Use the larger sizes in big or coloured water and the smaller sizes in small clear waters.Morning and evening is the most productive time for spinning

Veltic Spinners have been a New Zealand trout spinning favourite for over 50 years and are the first choice of anglers who pursue trophy trout with spinning tackle.

Veltic lures are the perfect centrally weighted spinner. The long blade shape rotates very close to the shaft giving a faultless spinning action - even with a slow retrieve. Hooks can be easily removed and changed using the unique RUBLEX hook clip system. An effective lure in al types of water and especially so in slow running streams and rivers, and in deep water.

Made in Spain, VELTIC lures are manufactured from premium quality European brass of the exact density to ensure perfect rotation of the blades. All components are deeply polished and the blades receive electrolysis treatment with pure silver which reflects light to attract fish. Each blade is protected by using a water resistant varnish to ensure a durable brightness. High carbon MUSTAD hooks, SANDVIK Swedish stainless steel axle and premium stainless steel German split rings complete the lure

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Al Newton
Location: Wairarapa
December 18th, 2023
Sad - Recently used these lures for the first time today, they hooked up but two of the three lures I used had the hooks pull out off the lure! Yes they attract fish but not so great if the hooks don’t stay connected to the lure!
Note From Store Owner: That's pretty strange, the body does slide up which is how the hook gets attached or changed, but for that to fail on playing a fish seems very unlikely as it would require some substantial force, so don't know what's happened here
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