A Southland Fly Pack

A Southland Fly Pack

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Here's a convenient way to purchase Flies for the Southland Region. There's a wide selection of Mayflies included in this Pack for the Mataura River and surrounding areas

Here are 2 selections of popular flies for the Mataura River and surrounding areas. These packs will give you a starting point to allow you to be successful on the water, from here you'll develop your own personal preferences. The first pack is a mostly a selection of small mayflies plus nymphs for the Mataura River (sizes 14 - 18) while the second fly pack that includes some large terrestrial patterns and heavier nymphs for the back country areas. Good Luck!!

Mataura Mayfly Pack includes: 34 Flies
Wider Southland Essentials Pack includes 76 Flies


Mataura Mayfly   Wider Southland
What's included Pack   Pack
Adams Parachute 4   6
Mack Blowie Blue (Small Sizes) 3   3
CDC Emerger (Deleatidium) 3
Dads Favourite/Parachute 3
DHE 2   4
Pre Emerger
Spent Spinner 2   4
Willow Grub - both versions 4   4
Pheasant Tail 2
Double Trouble PT 3   3
Micro Mayfly BH 2   2
Deleatidium Nymph 2   2
Deleatidium Soft Hackle 2   2
Black Gnat     2
Blow Fly (Selection)     4
Carty GT (Selection)     2
Cicada (Selection)     4
Royal Wulff     2
Parachute Madam X     2
Hare & Copper GTB     2
Hare & Pheasant (Olive) TB     2
Hare & Copper     4
Green Fat Jelly Caddis TB     2
Two Bit Hookers     2
Phantom Nymph     2
Jelly Stonefly BTB     2
Caddilac PT TB     2


34   80

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