Solarez Fly Tying Uv Resin

Solarez Fly Tying Uv Resin

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All types and sizes of our Solarez fly-tie UV resins. The bottles include an applicator cap - the tubes have a pointed nozzle to help with application, ample for many lures.

Thin, Hard Formula

  - Super-hard scratch resistant finish
  - Ideal for thin coats on fishing lure heads
  - Thin formula, easy to coat or saturate

Thick, Hard Formula

  - Hard, very viscous for making thick coatings or spheres - bodies, heads, eyes

  - Build fly fishing heads and bodies
  - Viscous formula, easier to work with

F-l-e-x Formula

  - Flexible finish for swimmers, flex parts - could be used as a wader repair
  - Great for coating knots for strength
  - Viscous formula, easier to work with

All three instantly cure with a hard finish with sunlight or UV light.


Apply all UV curable products in full shade or indoors, flash with Solarez UV Flashlight for 30 secs, continue working on fly. To completely cure resin, expose to sunlight or use flashlight for about 3 minutes.

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