Semperfli Quill Subs

Semperfli Quill Subs

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Product Description

Semperfli Quill Subs. When I saw this I immediately thought of the iridescent Blue of the Blowfly. The Black has a Blue tint, ideal for 'a not so in your face' Blow Fly Pattern. And the Green say Green Beetle with the iridescent green hue.

Flat Braid Quill Subs Medium Black Peacock is part of a range of Peacock Quill Subs. Quill Subs Medium Black Peacock was designed to be particularly special in that it has that same amazing multicolor iridescence of natural peacock which is very difficult to reproduce in a synthetic material. 

We have the two types of Quill Subs
  • The Flat braid is 1.5mm wide, and will be ideal for bodies
  • The Medium, is a rounder version, about 1mm wide
  • Two Colour choices 

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