Sa Absolute Tri-Colour Sighter Tippet

Sa Absolute Tri-Colour Sighter Tippet

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Product Description


Absolute Tri-Color Sighter Tippet for Euro Nymph (Czech Nymph)

* Designed for use with Euro-style nymphing rigs
* For use as a strike indicator
* Length; 10m spool in all sizes
* Patented cutter spool with freewheeling hub on small spool
* Colour coded label and line retainer band for easy line identification
* Low memory, high abrasion resistance, maximum knot strength.
* On average 40% stronger wet knot strength than other brands
* True-to-spec X sizes and breaking strength

Size Diameter Break Strength
4X 0.007″ / .18 mm 6.7 lb / 3,0 kg
2X 0.009″ / .23 mm 8.8 lb / 4,0 kg
0X 0.011″ / .28 mm 11.0 lb / 5,0 kg

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