Ninny Cricket

Ninny Cricket

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Product Description

As featured in the December 2019 Trout Fisher Magazine, the ultimate terrestrial - the Ninny Cricket will be smashed by Rainbows and Browns as they eagerly grab at this!

It's a general terrestrial, and could be a Cicada, Spider, Blowfly or similar

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AMAZING pattern
5 out of 5 Stars
John Wilke
Location: Rotorua
May 19th, 2020
AMAZING pattern - So glad to see these! Twice in the last six months (both times with a local guide) I overruled the guide when we couldn't get a finicky fish to strike. On both the Mohaka and the Motueka, big fish couldn't resist. I wish it floated a bit better - but that is a moot point as it normally gets munched on the first drift...
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Terrestrial Terror
5 out of 5 Stars
Dave Robinson
Location: Hawkes bay
May 18th, 2020
Terrestrial Terror - I have written about this fly in the article refered to above but must say this fly has given me the most spectacular hits I have ever exsperienced it now sits permanently on my fly vest ready for deployment when ever I see a rise. Have used it in Central North Island, Hawkes Bay and South land with spectacular results.
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