Magnum Neoprene Chest Waders

Magnum Neoprene Chest Waders

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Product Description

All Magnum waders are hand made in New Zealand with all seams perfectly glued rather than stitched, creating an impenetrable barrier against water. Magnum  Waders are pressure tested prior dispatch ensuring they are 100% waterproof.

Magnum Neoprene Waders have been made in New Zealand for over 25 Years. With a wide range of Gumboot sizes and Neoprene thickness. Waders can be fitted with New Zealand Made Bata or Skellerup Gumboots.

We don't stock the Magnum Waders, they are shipped to you directly from the factory, it usually takes about a week from the date of order for them to be dispatched to you

NB Fitting/Sizing is for average size bodies, if you don't fall into that category please order the Made 2 Measure waders to guarantee a good fit. Neoprene is quite stretchy so that allows a little more leeway on the fit.

Selecting your waders

  1. Select the best fit using the boot sizing, and matched to your body size.
  2. Magnum can put a different size boot on a wader if the body sizing doesn't match up. (For this option select the wader size by boot size and leave a note in the comments box, eg Size 12 wader with size 10 boots)
  3. Please do include your normal NZ shoe size so we can double check (NZ and UK shoe sizes are the same)

Here's our Wader Boot Sizing Chart for converting to NZ sizing

Available in 3mm, 5mm or 7mm Thickness. Guaranteed 100% Waterproof

From Magnum NZ Limited: We use top quality neoprene, specially selected to suit the needs of New Zealand recreational anglers, industrial workers and commercial fishermen.

All our waders, wetsuits and neoprene accessories are manufactured by hand at our premises in Auckland. You know you can rely on the quality of locally made Magnum waders and wetsuits, as owner Derek Schofield personally oversees the manufacturing process, keeping a close eye on the workmanship that goes into every garment and neoprene accessory.

The result is that Magnum waders have earned a reputation for quality - often outlasting comparable products by many years. Many overseas users are so impressed by the quality that they order their waders direct from Magnum NZ Ltd

"We know our waders and wetsuits are good, because we often get to see them 10 years later when people send them back for repairs." Says Derek. "We get them back and the soles of wader boots are worn down, but the suit is still good and waterproof."

5 Reason why Magnum are the best!

  1. 100% Waterproof
  2. Made2Measure Service
  3. Perfectly Glued seam construction - no holes made by stitching, which means no perforation holes to leak over time
  4. Quality Bata Gumboots with the option of Safemate Gumboots
  5. Price - Magnum waders are the cheapest waders you can buy! (based on the service life of the waders)

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