Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

Fish Skull Baitfish Heads

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The Fish Skull Baitfish Heads are a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile that has been specifically designed for tying freshwater and saltwater streamer fly patterns.

Quick-and-easy to tie, this latest innovation in fly tying offers fly fishermen an exciting altermative to using old-style dumbbells or cones to weight their flies. The Fish-Skull has unique design features making it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of realistic, weighted streamer patterns using natural or synthetic fly tying materials

  • Fish-Skull design mimics the head and grill plates of a baitfish producing a more realistic looking profile
  • The large head typically "pushes more water" than traditional flies
  • Allows vertical freedom of movement for the tying materials and promotes more natural action from the fly
  • Enables broader profile flies to be tied
  • Eliminates the need to use epoxy to build up a head and attach eyes
  • An important "trigger" for predatory game fish
  • 3D Eyes are included with the Fish-Skulls
  • Sunken fish eye recesses provide the option for tiers to use alternative eye styles or colours

And this is what you can do with your Fish Skulls!

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