Airflo Drift Fly Sets

Airflo Drift Fly Sets

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We can set the reel up for you. (a right hander should hold the rod in the right hand and wind with the left):


Product Description

This is a very nice set with lots of options for those seeking a rod for different situations (See Below)


  • Drift Fly Rod (Rod details: Airflo Drift Fly Rod)
  • Spare Tip
  • One Year Unconditional Warranty
  • Tube
  • Rod Bag
  • Drift Fly Reel (a very tidy unit)
  • Airflo Platinum Fly Line
  • Manic Fly Casting DVD
RRP for all these product would normally be;

  • Rod:             $249.99
  • Reel:             $149.99
  • Platinum Line:   $99.99
  • Manic DVD       $29.99
  • Total:             529.96

    Plus I'll include 1 Dozen FREE Flies to go with this set

    What to use the Rods for;

    7'11” #4/5
    Designed to fish tight bushy creeks where pin point accuracy is essential and a delicate presentation is what it takes to take on selective feeders.

    8'7” #5/6
    A perfect top of the water rod for fishing small dries and lightweight nymphs. The shorter length makes this rod extremely accurate whilst it's ultra light tip aids in making short to mid range casts with ease. This rod will make a perfect back country rod for ladies or younger anglers due to its reduced swing weight and smooth casting action.

    9'3” #5/6
    The faster more aggressive cousin of the 8'7 #5/6. This 9'3” model is designed to take on strong winds, heavy nymphs and bushy dry flies on back country rivers. Its longer length makes mending easy whilst aiding in the long casts often required on bigger rivers.

    9'9” #6/7
    This puppy is a specialist Stillwater tool, it's longer length gives anglers better line control from a boat especially when “hanging” the flies and dealing with teams of flies. From the bank the extra length will send your back cast high over obstacles and drive out longer casts to improve your range. If that's not enough this rod will double as a great big river nymphing tool.

    9'3” #7/8
    An all round rod that despite its ability to handle heavy 8 weight lines is light enough in the hand to fish all day. A perfect rod for nymphing larger rivers or for firing out sinking lines to smelting fish at stream mouths. This is a powerful rod that still has great feel so will be a pleasure to fish.

    9'1” #8/9
    Nick named the beast. This 8/9 model has a slightly thicker blank wall resulting in it withstanding the impact of heavy nymphs and shooting heads. This is the perfect rod for the Tongariro being equally proficient with a long belly line and a couple of heavy nymphs as it is with a shooting head and weighted woolly bugger.

    All Drift series rods come with a spare tip section and are backed by a one year unconditional warranty. The rods are 4 piece (plus the spare tip) and come complete with a cordura rod tube and cloth bag. Loads of features at great value for money, just as you'd expect from the only company that knows fly fishing like you do.

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