Douglas Era Fly Rods

Douglas Era Fly Rods

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Product Description

The Douglas Era is now available in a #6 weight size as well - a #6 weight is the ideal general purpose weight for NZ Fly Fishing

Douglas make a rod for everyone, these lower priced rods mean everyone can own a Douglas Flyrod, the same performance knowledge has gone into producing these rods, meaning they also cast very well, are very accurate, and will help you get better results out on the water

The newest fly rod in the Douglas lineup, the ERA was designed to deliver outstanding performance at a price that is accessible for all anglers. Whether you’re looking for an entry level fly rod or a solid backup rod – the ERA is for you!

It is a fast action fly rod that provides exceptional accuracy, control, and casting power. The ERA is a fantastic all-around fly rod that can be used for a variety of applications. From presenting dry flies, tossing streamers, or indicator fishing – the ERA rod can handle it all.

  • Priced to be accessible for all anglers, the ERA delivers outstanding performance anglers of all skill levels will enjoy.
  • Designed to be one of the best rods on the market for the money
  • Lightweight and durable with exceptional accuracy and power
  • Constructed with high-quality rod components
  • Available in 9’-5wt and 9’-8wt models
  • Packaged in a Cordura tube with an integrated rod sleeve
  • Lifetime warranty on all Douglas fly rods

Product Reviews: Douglas Era Fly Rods

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A truly value for money fly rod
5 out of 5 Stars
John Maulder
Location: Lower NI
April 25th, 2023
A truly value for money fly rod - Thank you for the opportunity and for calling in today letting me test the new Sky Fly rods. Wow when you left, has had me thinking all day on what rod I liked best. The first rod { Douglas ERA # 5 } the performance of this $300.00 retail plus rod would give a rod 3 times more expensive a damn good run for its money! A truly value for money fly rod. Listed as a fast action fly rod it feels a lot more forgiving than they suggest. The butt is the engine room for the power and feel, making casting like poetry in motion, easy to load and fluent through forward and back casting including exceptional accuracy for such an inexpensive fly rod. This rod cast the line effortlessly easily through 20 to 30 metre range. Reel seating is elegant and sturdy with a nice cork grip, a simple clean looking rod, grey in colour with good quality components along with a Cordura bag and inside sleeve for further protection and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. The “ERA” makes this an appealing rod for a beginner learning or for the average person that fishes occasionally. This would encourage them to spend more time on the water fishing as it is so easy to use and forgiving. Also this rod will also make a great back up rod for any person to have on hand if away on a fishing trip for a few days. It would not let you down if tragedy struck as you will have a very good back up rod for a minimal cost. Although this testing was done on wet lawn conditions I would think by adding H2O to the equation would only enhance the feel even more. I would have no hesitation in purchasing this as a back-up rod.
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