Douglas Dxf Fly Rods

Douglas Dxf Fly Rods

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Not only did they earn the Best Midpriced Rod award from George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler, the Douglas DXF Fly Rod Series is finished with the highest-quality components. High-modulus blanks deliver strength and modern actions that are sure to add precision and grace your presentation skills. XMatrix carbon technology offers a lightweight feel and a sensitivity that alerts you to the softest takes. 
The extensive lineup of the Douglas DXF Fly Rod Series has a dialed in taper/action tailored to perform in just about every freshwater and saltwater scenario in fly fishing.

  • Versatile range of lengths and weights covering freshwater, saltwater, nymphing, and switch.
  • Multi-modulus blank construction, optimizing action in the rods.
  • XMatrix carbon materials for unbeatable weight and sensitivity.
  • Finished with high quality components, AAA cork grips, burled wood reel seat, SIC hard chrome snake guides, matte green finish.
  • Specialty European nymphing rods in 10’ and 11’, 2-5wt.
  • Saltwater rods in 7-12wt.
  • Awarded “Best Mid Priced 6wt, 5wt, and Best Trout Switch Rod” by George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler Shootouts.
  • Packaged with cordura tube and cloth sock.
  • Lifetime Warranty on all Douglas Fly Rods.

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Verified Buyer
Douglas DXF 5wt
5 out of 5 Stars
Location: greater wellington
June 8th, 2024
Douglas DXF 5wt - Beautiful rod. Well worth the money
Recommend to a friend? Yes
Verified Buyer
Douglas DXF
5 out of 5 Stars
Location: West Australia
January 26th, 2023
Douglas DXF - I bought my 6 wt DXF from Steve sight unseen based on reviews and Steve's reputation. It is wonderful and has a particular feel that seems to match my casting style. The action is quite dynamic and imparts a lot of energy at the end of the back cast and also the same on the front cast. Value for money. Certainly.
Recommend to a friend? Yes
5 out of 5 Stars
Location: Hobart
August 15th, 2022
Outstanding - The Douglas rods are outstanding. I’ve owned and have cast quite of lot of quality rods over 40 years. That has included, Hardy, Fenwick, Kilwell, TFO, Sage, and now Douglas. I have a DXF 5 wt which is now my primary rod for nymphs, small wets and dry flies, plus a DXF 6 wt for heavier weather and big streamers. However, I find that I’m using the 5 wt more, even in quite windy conditions. I’ve been fishing with these rods for two seasons now, and these rods will have to be prised from my cold dead hands when I go. At short distance, I can put the fly exactly where I want it, but the rod has the power for quick 20+ m cast. What is most impressive is how well the rods handle fish up to 5 lb, but a one pounders still feels like a good fish. The DXF scored within 5% of the points of its winning sibling Sky G on the Yellowstone Shootout. I really can’t tell the difference. I did manage to break the tip of the 6wt last season. The replacement came within days and fitted perfectly – top service.
Recommend to a friend? Yes. Absolutely.