Cleardrift Eggs

Cleardrift Eggs

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Cleardrift Eggs

Discover the allure of Cleardrift Eggs, the ultimate soft egg imitation for the discerning fly fisherman. Crafted to perfection, these lifelike eggs are proven to entice trout and salmon in myriad waterways, from rivers to canals. Designed for versatility, Cleardrift eggs are ideal for spawning runs, lake ambushes, and luring trophy trout in renowned locations like the Tekapo and Twizel canals.

Featuring UV & Lumo coloring for maximum visibility, these premium eggs are a must-have addition to your fly fishing arsenal. To enhance durability, we recommend using Sellys or Locite super glue for secure attachment. Additionally, lining the hook with tying thread before gluing can further augment adhesion.

Although resilient, these eggs are not immune to the voracious appetites of fish. Expect the natural egg material to succumb to fish teeth over time, a sign of successful strikes and thrilling battles.

Each pack contains 25-40 meticulously crafted eggs, ensuring your fly box is always stocked with the perfect color for every fishing condition. Elevate your fly fishing experience with Cleardrift Eggs today!

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Cleardrift eggs
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Mark Burnett
Location: Auckland
June 23rd, 2023
Cleardrift eggs - The trout love them and so do I
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