CD's Allfly Fly Rod Kits

CD's Allfly Fly Rod Kits

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Comment: (October 2020) A couple of weeks back Tom from CD Rods called in. Tom has taken over from his dad at CD, and as often happens, change usually brings in new ideas; Tom showed me the new Allfly flyrod kits all laid out in a flash new style rod case. - So today I took the Allfly Ultimate + for a test cast - very impressed!! All the parts are interchangeable, so you can change the action by, for instance, popping the 5/6 upper sections on the 7/8 bottom section, which produces a rod with more tip action on a base with more backbone, so would be suited to the backcountry, add the extender for even more power and reach. 

Add to that it was firing out tight controlled loops as we expect from CD rods.

Clearly a lot of thought and design has gone into this rod package, this is so much more than just a gimmick - it's a game changer! 

Overall this is something special, and high value in that you have so many options in one rod kit!


Here's a new concept to inspire - The 'ALLFLY' fly rods are an all in one, buy a base set, and add parts to turn it into a 7/8 weight, add an extension to make it a 10' footer.

Who does this suit? - It covers all bases, cheap enough for the beginner to grab the base set, and provides a 'one in all' for the experienced angler who will enjoy the genuine versatility and the performance options. 
The rods are contained in a slick new style carry all case, not more rod socks! 


  • Kit 1 The ultimate 9ft 5/6 weight fly set. From beginners to advanced - a 6wt rod is the most commonly used rod weight across the world (perfect for the majority of rivers in NZ). This rod gives you the ability to change your line to a 5 wt when conditions allow and it transforms into a slightly lighter setup (perfect for light winds, small streams). If you wanted one setup to start your fly fishing journey, this is where we would start. Its not a beginners rod, no way (even our most experienced fisherman use this rod) but it has the perfect action to perfect your cast and build up from there.
  • Kit 2  The ultimate 9 ft, 7/8 weight fly set. This set steps it up notch and is built to get that extra distance and fight those bigger fish. 7 or 8 weight line means business, while perfect for the big species found in rivers and lakes around the world, we often see this set dabbling with saltwater species also. Pop an 8 wt line on and you are ready to fit some big fish!
  • Kit 3 The Ultimate! - Includes both the 5/6 and 7/8 weight fly sets to cover the many situations you'll experience when fly fishing, from small streams to the large rivers, lakes and estuarine areas, even lighter saltwater applications  
  • Kit 4 The Ultimate + Plus Extender - gives you the option of a 9' or 10' footer - this gives more reach - a Czech Nymphing outfit, helps with distance, and with wind, or where there's low scrub catching your back cast 
Accessories, Once you have purchased one of the base kits you can upgrade by purchasing parts individually;

  1. Extender
  2. Either the 5/6 or the 7/8 upper 3 rod sections, which are interchangeable on the same butt section.

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