Airflo Flo Tips

Airflo Flo Tips

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From Manic;

The 2.5' intermediate butt really smooths out the cast, negating the kick of the T material and 7.5' of raw T tip gets your fly to where it wants to be. Want longer, deeper swing time? Check out the 18' and 20' Custom Cut tips but for general NZ fish catching, get sh..t done sink tips, its the Flo tip for me most days.

"Airflo took their sweet time putting these FLO tips out, and the wait was worth it. FLO Tips offer a tapered butt of 2.5 ft of Intermediate sink tipped with 7.5 ft of T-Sink level tungsten line.

The transition from an Intermediate to a tungsten sink tip simply makes the turnover smoother and puts the fly as deep as we wish under most conditions.

Want more deeper? 

Try the T18 Airflo Custom Cut tips in the 18 ft length if you really want to dredge, otherwise, we think these FLO Tips will get the fly to the fish just right.

Why we love AIRFLO FLO Tips. 

They sink our flies just right. They cast like a dream. They turn over smoothly as we could hope for. Loops are tight and tough. Want more? Great selection of sink rates too. Take that to the bank.

AIRFLO FLO Tips are ready to Rock.

These FLO tips are ready to fish, straight out of the package. Welded loops are on both ends represent the strongest and slimmest in the industry.

Flo Tip sink rates. 

Sink rates of AIRFLO FLO tips correspond to the material used in each tip. T7 is rated for 7 inches per second; T10 at 8 in per sec; T14 is rated at 9.5 inches per second; and T18 at 11.5 inch per second. Read it and weep.

Looped at both ends. 

AIRFLO FLO Tips factory loops are the strongest and slimmest we have fished, period.

Choosing FLO tip by fly size and fly weight.

Lighter flies will cast better or the cast will feel better with a lighter FLO tip. The largest, heaviest, most wind resistant flies will cast better with the heaviest FLO tips." 

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