Insight: The Trophy Quest

Insight: The Trophy Quest

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Mike's movies are alway great! Enjoy!

The fabled 'Mouse Year' in New Zealand is steeped in folk-law by anglers, and looked forward to by those wanting to chase trout that may have added many pounds to their already large frames. This explosion in mouse numbers is due to our native Beech trees flowering and then dropping their seeds in Autumn. It's not an annual event, being a '1 in 5-7' year event, but when it occurs, the seed numbers are such a bounty of food for the mice that they multiply to many hundreds of times their number in a short space of time. They then cross the rivers at night looking for more seeds, and in doing so, often become the victim of the lurking monster trout, that by midsummer, have become completely focused on them for food. 

What made the 2019/20 season so good was it was purported to be the largest in 75 years!! 

Follow us as we spend 6 days chasing brown trout that will prove as annoyingly hard to catch at times, as they are impressive to look at. To give it a Kiwi term, they're STONKERS!!

Starring: Leif Stavmo, Jan Eckmann, Mike Kirkpatrick, Tom Hodge and Hannah Clement.

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