Cdx Polarized Sunglasses - Da Fonze

Cdx Polarized Sunglasses - Da Fonze

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Inexpensive Polaroid sun glasses from CD's CDX range of quality fly fishing equipment. Clean high vis lens in amberideal for spotting fish.

Flexible arms allow these glasses to fit most head shapes

  • TAC (Tri - Acetate Polarised lenses) - the very best hard polarised plastic lens
  • Hard coating - scratch resistant
  • High optical quality
  • Flexible material - moulds to fit head
Packaged with a protection bag, micro - fibre cleaning cloth and delivered in a compact hard protective case.

A 1 year guarantee against all manufacturer defects.

"Awesome, since I started wearing them I've found them so good, not just for spotting fish but in all light conditions. I now wear them 100% of the time and made my other polarised more expensive glasses redundant".
Adam Wallis,
Go Fish Taupo, Guide

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