C&F Lanyard With Universal System Fly Patch

C&F Lanyard With Universal System Fly Patch

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Product Description

The Lanyard from C&F Design is the perfect option for attaching small to medium sized accessories such as nipper and forceps. The lanyard quickly eliminates having to search through your pack for the right tool when a fish is on the line.

The lanyard is combined with a small size universal fly patch with a convenient form changer.

Use the attached snaps to hang your favorite accessories such as clippers and floatants.

A dedicated tippet holder that can be used through the leader material spool is also included, so you can enjoy fishing lightly with this alone.

A fly patch with form changer is included

Snaps for various accessories are standard equipment

With a dedicated tippet holder, you can carry around 3 tippets (The number varies depending on the manufacturer)

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