Nautilus Ccfx2 Reels

Nautilus Ccfx2 Reels

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NB Because CCFX2 Reels are a specialized product, we hold limited stock of these quality reels. Please expect that we may have to order your reel in and that can take a reasonable amount of time for them to arrive, so please do allow for this.

So Nice - if you chase the salties - then these are for you!!

The multiple award winning dual action CCF-X2 drag system features twice the drag strength (20lbs+), twice the smoothness and half the startup inertia as the former CCF.

We offer the CCF-X2 in 3 sizes – the 6/8, 8/10, 10/12. All reels feature the made-for-fish fighting, big game handle and are fully sealed using Nautilus' proprietary Activseal technology. Other components included in the CCF-X2 line are hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings and an oversized drag knob to adjust the smoothest drag from zero to max in 6 full turns with Nautilus' Infinajust system.

The 6/8 is a 4-inch large arbor 6-8 weight reel. For more line pick up, the 8/10 is a great 8 weight with almost 12 inches of line pick up with a WF8 line per turn of the handle. The 4.5-inch 8/10 and 10/12 reels share the same frame and the spools can be interchanged for a set up that covers 8 to 12 weight lines with just an extra spool.

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