Tying Dry Flies Kaufmann (3Rd)Soft

Tying Dry Flies Kaufmann (3Rd)Soft

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Tie The World’s Most Popular Dry Flies with Speed, Ease and Efficiency

Detailed Step-by-Step Dry Fly Instruction

Tying Dry Flies offers more hands-on educational fly tying information than any other tying book. Its organization, content, and color visuals are unrivaled. Over 850 perfect color photos and concise Mike Stidham color illustrations lead you step by step through 31 of the world’s most popular dry flies. These patterns were selected for tying technique, fishing versatility and angler interest. They encompass all major surface foods of trout. The pattern directory includes an additional 100 patterns.

Humpy Light Cahill
Foam Beetle Black Gnat
Sparkle Dun Blue-Winged Olive Thorax
Adams Parachute Caddis
Blue Dun Elk Hair Caddis
CDC Caddis MacSalmon
PMD Parachute Cluster Midge
Braided Butt Damsel Stimulator
Irresistible California Mosquito
Dave's Hopper Quill Gordon
Griffith Gnat No Hackle
Flying Ant Parachute Adams
Comparadun Green Drake Paradrake
Royal Wulff Henry's Fork Hopper

These patterns were selected for their fishing versatility, angler interest and tying technique. Patterns are presented in a logical sequence, easy to more difficult with each succeeding pattern building upon the previous pattern. Once mastered, tyers can tie most dry flies! 

Patterns cover most major surface food sources of trout, including midge, damsels-dragons, many mayfly and caddis species and terrestrials, including ant, beetle and hopper. Many “cross-over” and “attractor” patterns are also included like the Royal Wulff and Stimulator. The pattern directory includes an additional 100 patterns which are easily tied once the demonstration flies are mastered.

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