Opihi River

The Opihi River is a small to medium size river originating in the Mountains near Mt Dobson, and flows out of the hills across the plains into the sea just south of Temuka. It along with it's tributaries provides excellent fishing for Brown Trout and has a small Salmon run. A good rise is possible at times


There is a lot of water here to fish from the mouth to up above the Gorge, fat athletic fish will give you a good fight. Access is good to much of the river.

Adams Parachutes, Dads Favorite, Willow Grubs or a selection of smaller nymphs with a variety of beads will work here


  1. Opuha River: Small Willow lined and Gorgy
  2. Tengawai River: Small Willow lined, flows get low as the season progresses and fish drop out into the main river

No Fish and Game Access Pamphlets available



My mate Sean showing off some of his sucesses from the Opihi River

Good Fish from the Opihi River


Opihi River