Learning to Fly Fish (Under Construction)

Fly fishing is a never ending journey of learning and exploring, which is why we do it! It keeps it interesting for us.

Ten Top ideas for learning how to fly fish;

  1. Get your gear sorted Fly Rod Setup
  2. Sort out your fly casting. Casting shorter to medium distance and being able to straighten your leader will catch a lot of fish!
  3. Learn where to find the fish, what sort of water they like, where in the rive they'll sit
  4. Spotting Fish
  5. Approaching the fish
  6. Where to cast
  7. The Strike!
  8. Playing your trout
  9. Handling your trout
  10. Releasing your Trout
  11. Fly Fishing Etiquette on the river

Ten Top Tips for catching more fish

  1. Slealth; Wild trout are naturally very wary, your best change of catching them is your first chance so make it count. Alway aim to take the fish by suprise, sneak up behind him making use of any natural cover, trout can't see directly behing themselves so use that knowledge to your advantage and make sure the first clue the trout may receive to your presences is a fly drifting down to towards it.
  2. Observe the trout very closely and respond to what it does. One of my regular guiding clients never saw the fish take the fly, if I didn't call strike he would have hooked few fish, learn to watch and respond to what the fish does and respond quickly if you need to. Sometimes they'll turn and swim down stream, so be ready to move the instance they do. For spooky fish it become almost critical, watch for the flash of white when it takes your nymph, what for the small splash of your nymph landing and the fish moveing across to intercept, if you don't know whether he took it or not lift up the rod tip to feel if he's there then set the hook
  3. Use long leaders
  4. Get your fly in front of the fish
  5. Let it drift naturally
  6. Use flies that the fish expects to see first up
  7. Change your flies for spooky fish
  8. Use two and three fly rigs
  9. When to use an indicator
  10. Use the weather conditions on the day to your advantage
  11. Use different methods