Learning to Fly Fish?

Here's an absolutely great package to get you started learning to fly fishing. An excellent quality package at an extremely good price - you'll be impressed!!

fly rod packageGreeting from Flyshop NZ,

My name is Steve Gerard, I own and operate Flyshop NZ.

My 'Learning to Fly Fish' package is just what you need to get started fly fishing.

For the past 10 years I have worked as a professional fly fishing guide, guiding about 100 days per season. I get to see all sorts of fly rods that my clients bring a long, often inappropriate for our fishing conditions and this unfortunately result in less fish being caught.

So to make sure you get the right start I have selected this package with all the correct elements that you need.

The package includes;


Taimer LT 4 Piece Fly Rod (Graphite Construction)
Designed in NZ for NZ conditions. A modern light weight easy casting fly rod that's easy to learn with. Being a 4 piece fly rod, it packs away nice and small for traveling. But it's more than that; it will last you for years of fly fishing.

Okuma SLV fly reel
My best selling reel, modern, stylish, and with a large spool design makes retrieving line easier. It's all you need, it will last for years

Matching dull coloured floating fly line
Fly lines are very important, for much of NZ fly fishing you need a dull coloured line - bright colours will simply frighten fish! Plus these lines are what are called weight forward, which makes it easier to cast and therefore easier to learn with. The design also helps attain more distance.

Airflo backing
Fly Lines are only about 25m long so you need extra line underneath to fill the reel and for when you hook the big one!

Fly rod bag
Protects your new fly rod from scratches

Fly Rod Tube
Essential to protect your fly rod from breakage when traveling and when in not being used

Plus I'll give you a selection of 15 popular trout flies for Free!

Normally the full retail price for these products if bought separately
would be $359.95

My price to you is only $259.95!!

Selecting your rod;

The rods are available in 2 weights; A 6 weight and an 8 weight.

To choose the right rod weight, match the weight to the type of fishing you plan to do most.

* The 6 weight is a general all round rod for streams, small to medium size rivers and lake edges

* The 8 weight is a large river (eg Tongariro River) and lake rod


Steve Gerard

Steve Gerard
Owner of flyshop.co.nz &
NZPFGA Fly Fishing Guide

I stand by this product 100% and you are covered by;

My 'Personal Guarantee' to you;

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simply send them back and

I'll refund the cost 100% or replace the goods!! Plus I'll even pay the return postage for you!! (in NZ) It's as simple as that!!

Save $100.00 by ordering this package right now

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PS This is Best Quality / Value Beginner Fly Rod package I can bring to you!