Fly Fishing Styles and Technique

Fly fishing Styles and Techqinues - Where to start and where to stop....

River Fishing

Of course most styles of fishing will work. Firstly the style I enjoy most and find most successful in the Methven area is definately sight fishing. Why is because for the most part the fish numbers aren't great, so if you were blind fishing you would cover a lot of empty water when a careful look would tell you the result much quicker, and allow you to spend more time actually casting to a sighted fish which you might be able to catch!

So a general days fishing involves stalking up the edge of your choosen stream searching for your prey, the more ground you cover the more opportunities you'll have

A lot of fish are caught with short to medium casts, it's important to be able to straighten out your leader so the fly lands ahead of the fish, if the fish sees your floating line it may spook, so with a carefull approach positioning yourself behind and slightly to the side of a sighted fish will give a lot of success.

Lake Fishing

Some of our Lakes offer great sight fishing possiblities too, stalking the edges and cast to a curising fish is very exciting. For the lakes don't favour sight fishing or if you prefer other methods they will work; retrieving wets flies/streams is effective as is fishing dries and nymphs, either with a dead drift or slow retrieve.