New Zealand Fishing Licences


Fishing Licenses can be purchased directly from Fish and Game: Click here

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Once you have filled in your detail you can print off the receipt and you'll be all set to go!




2016-2017 FISH SEASON

(1st October 2016 - 30th September 2017)

Fish Licence Types and Prices

  • Whole Season
  • Family $163.00
  • Adult $125.00
  • Junior $25.00
  • Child [free]
  • 24 Hour
  • Adult $20.00
  • Junior $5.00
  • Child [free]


  • Non Resident Whole Season $163.00
There are a number of new licence catagories check here for more info


Your fishing licence is a permit to fish for sports fish in accord with the regulations set for the Fish and Game New Zealand region in which you are fishing. It does not grant or infer any rights of access over land. If you want to walk over private land, please first get the permission of the land occupier.

If you are a Family licence holder, remember this licence allows families to fish together. Family participants must be accompanied by either the primary or secondary licence holder. At all times the members of the family must be fishing close enough for them to direct a ranger to the primary or secondary licence holder in the event they are asked to produce their licence. If family participants, including the secondary licence holder, wish to fish independently they will require a separate licence. A family includes grandparents and grandchildren but the children must be under 18.

Your licence can be used in any area administered by Fish and Game New Zealand but cannot be used in the Taupo Fishing District. For more information on fishing regulations in Taupo see the Department of Conservation website.

If any of the fish you catch have tags attached to them, please return all tags together with details (length, weight, location, and method of capture) to your local Fish and Game New Zealand office. This information is essential to allow Fish and Game New Zealand to effectively manage the fishery.