A warm welcome to our

Australian Fly Fishing Customers


There are several benefits our Australian customers are enjoying right now

  • Firstly, purchases I send to Australia don't pay NZ GST - A saving of 12.5% as currently our sales to AU are under the threshold to need to register to collect GST


  • You'll save a little more on the exchange rate

  • Delivery charges are very reasonable, in fact the GST saving will more than pay the delivery costs in mnay instance.

  •  AU Customs say this: Some goods imported into Australia are not subject to GST; - 'low-value goods' or goods on which customs duty and taxes is $50 or less and which have a customs value of less than $1,000.

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Steve Gerard




Hi Steve,


I received my tying materials yesterday. Thank you, they arrived in under a week. That is a huge surprise for Perth, my experience is that it takes longer than that for mail to get between Perth and major eastern Australian cities.


Cheers, Clinton