Ashburton River

The Ashburton River is a small to medium snow fed river originating high in the Southern Alps and flows out of the hills across the plains into the sea south of Ashburton. It provides very good fishing for Brown Trout mostly and the occasional Salmon. Sea runners will be found at the mouth


The best fishing areas are from the mouth up to just above Mt Somers on the South Branch, with generally the mid to lower sections holding the most fish, when the river has been stable for sometime good numbers of fish can be present. Adams Parachutes, Black Tungsten Hare and Coppers and Willow Grubs catch fish consistently for me

Tributaries from the top down;

  1. South Branch: Willow lined mostly of a braided nature. Upper reaches hold few fish
  2. North Branch: Only the upper reaches are worth looking at; Gorgy with difficult access.
  3. Taylor's/Bowyer's: Small willow lined streams

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