Solarez High Output Uva 385 Flashlight - Cures Uv Resins

Solarez High Output Uva 385 Flashlight - Cures Uv Resins

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UV Torch Flashlight from Solarez (Updated)

Battery is not included, see details below, the battery needed is quite specific


Unlike broad-spectrum fluorescent tanning lamps or mercury vapor UV lamps, UV LED flashlights are very specific. Their wavelength varies by only by ±5nm. If they are 365nm, the only put out 360nm – 370nm (NOT 385nm). If they are 395nm, they only put out 390nm – 400nm, (NOT 385nm). If they are 405nm, they only put out 400nm – 410nm (NOT 385)

SOLAREZ resins require 385nm to cure properly. If you use a 365nm flashlight or a 395nm or a 405nm, you may get a tacky surface cure or perhaps inadequate adhesion to the base or sometimes a liquid vacuole may appear. All aberrations associated with improper lighting


The old-style “bulb-like” LEDs from the 1980’s or ’90’s are obsolete compared to today’s SMD (sheet mounted diodes) style chips. They GREATLY exceed the bulb-style lights output, no matter how many of them you have i.e. you can have a bulb-style LED flashlight that has 64 bulbs and still not have nearly the intensity as a single SMD LED.


SOLAREZ UV flashlights choose to use “Button-Top” Lithium Ion 18650 batteries because they have long-lasting power for thousands of short bursts and are rechargeable many times. There are “flat-Top” 18650 batteries designed for “vaping” machines but these are designed for high-intensity discharges for the vaping needs. Don’t use these in Solarez flashlights. Also, don’t use two CR-123 batteries in series. The voltage is too high.

Newest technology SMD ultra high output flashlight. Cures Solarez resin with the correct wavelength. Typically cures Solarez resin in 30 seconds or less. To reduce resin shrinkage and yellowing you can attenuate the light by moving the flashlight on and off the project. This flashlight takes one 3.7V 18650 battery. 

Please note our UV Flashlights are intended for curing small resin projects (less than 2″ diameter), like our Fly Fishing Resins.  Yes it can cure our liquid resins but for larger projects you will need a professional and reasonably powerful artificial UV light source such as fluorescent tanning / bronzing lamps (UV-A), mercury vapor UVlamps, or UV-A LED lights (385nm).  Full direct Sunlight is a great way to cure Solarez UV resins.

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Solarez UV Torch
5 out of 5 Stars
Location: Auckland
January 5th, 2023
Solarez UV Torch - The new Solarez Torches have a much more focused beam, meaning there is no dull spot in the middle of the beam like there was with the older model. Best torch for setting Solarez UV resins by far.
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