The Source Iceland - Fly Fishing Dvd

The Source Iceland - Fly Fishing Dvd

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The Source - Iceland is the third and final film in the highly acclaimed "The Source" Series which exposes the best fly fishing destinations from around the world.

Volcanoes, glaciers and cascading water. Iceland's magnetic allure is irresistible for the travelling fly fisher.
In this land of myths and ledgends, nature tells it's own epic saga. From the river of their birth, the mighty salmon make the journey out to sea to grow strong, returning each year bringing nourishment to the land and it's people.
The pristine rivers and lakes are home to four indigenous salmonid species - Salmon, Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Sea Trout - a bounty of opportunity.
Sight fish to salmon in crystal clear rivers, search a remote fiord for arctic char, tempt massive trout from volcanic spring creeks and battle sea trout in the southern rivers. This epic cinematic experience captures the passion and excitment of fly fishers exploring this unique land.

Run Time 50 minutes plus 14 minutes bonus material.
NTSC Format for worldwide viewing

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