Rio AquaLux Intermediate Fly Line

Rio AquaLux Intermediate Fly Line

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A must-have full intermediate line for the serious lake angler.

The RIO AQUALUX is an ideal subsurface line for stalking wary trout in shallow lake waters. This line has a low memory monofilament core and a sink rate of 1.5 to 2 inches per second. The clear head and taper design is excellent when stealth is required, providing excellent presentation while still transferring enough energy to turn over larger lake flies.

Advanced dirt-repelling slick coating helps distance and performance as well as welded front loop for easy leader changing.

* Perfect for fishing subsurface and shallow shore lines
* Ideal when stealth is required for wary, selective fish
* Made on a low memory monofilament core with a supple coating
* Clear intermediate head, with ultra-slick, translucent blue intermediate running line

Colour: Clear / Translucent Green



Uni Rayon Floss

XS (Extreme Slickness) Technology began when RIO's chemists began reformulating conventional chemical combinations. Although RIO's formulas were great, our scientists are fly fishers and by definition they want an even slicker fly line - it's just part of the deal. So first, they tackled the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating and through intense scrutiny down to the polymeric mix level, (say that 10 times fast) they defined some fundamental limitations. Out went the old PVC/silicone formulas and by methodically adding a little more of this, a little less of that, and a pinch of secret sauce, the lab coats cooked up a completely new and improved recipe. With XS Technology, RIO has developed a fly line that is slicker, more stable, and far less apt to attract dirt, and paired with AgentX Technology, it engineers a line that is less dense, casts further and more accurately, floats higher, lasts longer, and offers more consistent performance cast after cast, strike after strike, fish after fish.


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