Airflo Superdri Tracker #5 Weight Only

Airflo Superdri Tracker #5 Weight Only

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Product Description

Designed to make life easy, it loads fast action rods quickly, roll casts well and balances nice visablity on the water with a colour that disappears against the sky when viewed from below!

Quiet Presentation –

The Trackers ability to turnover big dries and heavy flies with ease but still able to layout a smaller fly with minimal disturbance makes it a highly versatile line

The Airflo SuperDri Tracker fly line is designed to load today’s faster action fly rods at all ranges. The slightly heavier weight forward head has a moderate taper optimised for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. Fast loading for quick-fire short presentations and a long belly for blasting long casts to the other bank when you need it up your sleeve.

Airflo Super Dri

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