Airflo Superdri Hero

Airflo Superdri Hero

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New for the 2015-16 season. Front section is a nice medium Olive - picking this is going to become a favourite pretty quickly!

The Super-Dri Hero has been designed for ultimate distance. Featuring our longest belly on any single hand fly line, the Hero is a firm Pro-Staff Favorite.

The new Super Dri Hero has a long front taper, a long belly and long rear running line. Here’s how it works.

The long front taper gives you delayed turnover of the loop so the cast travels longer before it drops. It’s also better for aerial mends as you have more time as the line shoots before the head rolls over and it drops. In the past we found a long front line would lose too much power and be a pain in the butt for fishing long leaders or dry dropper rigs. What we did to compensate on the Hero is combine it with a thicker tip diameter which maintains power and further improves buoyancy. In the right hands this gives improved handling on the water, longer casts and better control in the air. For the pro’s these are the way to go

Front section is Medium Olive with a Fl. Yellow running line

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