Smokey Joe - Portable Fish Smoker - Reduced Further!

Smokey Joe - Portable Fish Smoker - Reduced Further!

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Nothing better than smoker Trout! - Great Price on this great smoker Get it Now!

SMOKEHOUSE AROMACHEF "Smokey Joe" Portable Fish Smoker

Dont mess with Tradition! The good ole square kiwi favourite is back but as always with the smokehouse brand, theres added design features to enhance the cooking experience.

* The Smokehouse 'Smokey Joe' has an 18l capacity

* Comes Standard with a double rack interchangeable cooking configuration giving you double fillet smoking capacity.

* Has four handles (2 on the lid and 2 on the body) making for easy handling.

* Smoker can be either operated by the provided meths burner or for a cleaner flavour, position the smoker on the grill or a gass bbq and smoke with heat given from the gas burner.

"Enjoy your flavoursome 'Smokehouse' Journey"

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