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The Metz Difference


In the early 1970’s, Metz revolutionized the fly tying world by introducing the first genetically engineered hackle to the fly fishing industry. From the moment Metz necks were first viewed by a large cataloguer in New England, the fly fishing world knew that something special was coming to the market. First to produce true “dry fly quality” hackle, in a complete range of colours. A product that enabled fly tiers everywhere to imitate the natural insects more precisely than ever before. A product that enabled fly fishermen everywhere to float their “dries” higher and longer, staying drier longer, than ever before. Long before artificial floatants became the norm, Metz hackles were floating dries through the fastest of riffles.

Stiff barbs, web free hackles, flexible stems, and a complete range of sizes are still the benchmark developed by Metz by which all other hackles are compared. Deep, natural consistent colours are the Metz trademark. No other company can reproduce consistently the colours offered by Metz.

Stringent breeder selections coupled with strict grading procedures, guarantees top quality hackle, every time. This translates into quality fly tying experiences, and quality flies. Quality has always been synonymous with Metz. The highest quality flies commercially available today are 100% tied with Metz hackle.

Metz offers a complete line of feathers to meet your needs. Whether it be collars for nymphs, wings for dry flies and streamers, or saddle hackle for palmering, Metz carries a complete line. If you haven’t tried a Metz, or haven’t tried one lately, you may be missing out on the next revolution in fly tying.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


E Box 892, Belleville, PA 17004

(877) 777-MEE

Metz is a division of Umpqua Feather Merchants, Inc.

Steve Gerard



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