Scientific Angler Sharkwave GPX Fly Line

Scientific Angler Sharkwave GPX Fly Line

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Using what they learned while developing the Sharkskin, they developed the Mastery Textured series. These lines took the high points of the Sharkskin technology and combined them with the easy feel of traditional, smooth fly lines, resulting in a textured line that performs like the Sharkskin, but feels smoother to the touch.

They then thought "Let's take the best parts of the Sharkskin, combine it with the Mastery Textured series and see what happens." The result?

Meet the SharkWave, the worlds first Triple-Textured and Triple-Colored fly line.

Stealth Colour:
Featuring Sharkskin texture on the: Tip section - Willow
Mastery Textured divots for the: Belly section - Dark Willow, and :Running line - Chartreuse

* a smooth Tactile Reference Point at where the head meets the running line.
* SA.ID line identification.
* AST dry slick technology.
* Improved Dry Tip technology for ultimate flotation.
* Streamlined Loops.
* Reduced friction significantly increases casting distance
* Made Half-size heavy to load fast-action rods.
* Front tip section features Dry Tip Technology
* Designed to throw a variety of fly sizes
* Engineered for cold-to-temperate water