Itu's Bones - A story about bonefish DVD

Itu's Bones - A story about bonefish DVD

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On Aitutaki, Bonefish are regarded as a delicacy. But there are moves afoot to protect the mighty bonefish of Aitutaki lagoon, and top Bonefish netter, Itu Davey has decided to hang up his nets and become a bonefish guide. But things are not always as simple as they might first seem.

* An uplifting story of learning and discovery.
* A Pacific Island, a fledgling fishery, a Bonefish netter and some of the worlds biggest Bonefish

The film tells the story of expert Bonefish netter Itu (pronounced ee-too) Davey as he makes the journey from subsistence gill-netter to pro fly fishing guide. Itu's Bones is a compelling story that features gorgeous images of the Pacific and truly incredible Bonefish action on fly. (And these Bones are jumbo size)

We're particularly proud of this production as not only has the film made a positive impact in helping protect a species and establish fishing reserves, but it shows just how much one man can achieve when he puts his mind to it.

* Runtime 90 mins
* Pal Format
* On the Fly Productions