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Floating Willow Grub

Step by Step tying tutorial


Willow Grub

How to Tie the Floating Willow Grub;

Name: Floating Willow Grub
Sizes: 16 - 18
Hook: Kamasan B110, B100 or Tiemco 2457 or Tiemco 2487
Thread: Danville Thread 70 Denier Black
Body: Yellow Foam Cylinders
Comment: This version will float for you, and will be visable if you have good eye sight! still requires a gentle presenatation otherwise you'll sink it.
Step by Step Tying Instructions: Royal Wulff;
Tail goes in

First step is to split the foam down the middle so you have a half round, use a sharp knife or you can cut them carefully with scissors. The half round makes a smaller neater body.

Brown Deer Body Hair

Cut one end on the diagonal, this will make it easier to tie in and it wont form a big lump when you wind over it.

Green Beetle Step and Step tying instructions

Wind the thread onto the hook

Spinning Deer Hair

And apply glue over the thread, tie in the foam at the rare of the hook with a couple of turns of thread

spinning the green beetle

Take the thread to the front and while the glue is still wet tie in the foam and wind it forward.

rotary vice in action

Wind the foam forward carefully, don't stretch it too much as it will break but you can vary the thickness with a little stretching, which will help on size #18 hooks

Secure with the thread, and pull the tag gently to break it off

trimed with the hackle ready to be wound

Build up a small head with the thread, apply some glue and you're all done